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Ecessa Insight Release Notes 
Version: 3.0.3 
Release: 2017.07.05 
Revision 1.0: 2017.07.05



  •  For hardware failover devices the monitoring services will only monitor the active devices

Additional Information

Additionally when viewing the monitoring information for the idle device it will retrieve the monitoring information of the active device at the time.


  •  Ecessa Insight site monitoring dialog will contain hardware failover status information retrieved from the live site
  •  Ecessa Insight will display restore points for all associated sites when displaying a site with hardware failover enabled
  •  Ecessa Insight will show only the active unit for Hardware Failover sites
  •  Ecessa Insight passive monitoring of sites will recognize when hardware failover sites have failed over and will update the database
  •  Configurations pushed to Ecessa Insight will be parsed for Hardware Failover information

Additional Information

The idle site will be created in the cloud, if necessary, and the sites will be associated as a Hardware Failover site. The site pushing up the configuration will be marked as the active site.



  •  Account admin can remove themselves from a group and not be able to add themselves back to that group via the users page
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