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Ecessa Insight Release Notes
Version: 3.0.2
Release Date: 2017.05.19
Revision 1.0: 2017.05.19

New Features 1. The Ecessa Insight sends monthly email reports about available upgrades and SLA expirations.
Improvements 1. Site alert emails need to be more descriptive to what they are about. Fixes 1. A logged in account administrator editing a regular user will show the regular user as an account administrator. 2. User can log in and remove themselves from all groups. 3. Account administrators which disable their Account Administrator permission can leave an account without an administrator. 4. Adminstrator cannot remove a group with an apostrophe in the name. 5. Users with the global aliases permission but without account administrator permissions can manage global aliases for all sites in an account. 6. SLA Widget does not display data when a site is first added. 7. Widget tooltips are unclear. 8. Trace Route graphs fail to display when in the cloud view of a site.
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